Friends of the League

Why rebuild?

After more than 30 years at the SEAWL’s Riddoch Highway facility, it is time for a much needed upgrade.

Our mission is to create a new modern and sustainable facility that will continue to grow with the needs of the SEAWL for many years to come.

Our Goal

The SEAWL aims to rebuild the existing dog kennels and cattery to include more spaces to accommodate the needs of our growing community and to guarantee the animals housed at the SEAWL received state-of-the-art care.

The plans also include a new administration building and a paved car park.

Over the past 18 months the SEAWL has participated in the Work for Dole Program which has seen the completion of a memorial garden, dog park where dogs can exercise freely and the construction of a dog walking path. These additions were part of the original plans for redevelopment. The Work for Dole Program has been a great success and will help the SEAWL enhance existing programs for rehoming dogs.

How you can help

While upgrading the SEAWL’s Riddoch Highway facility will ensure a higher quality of care for the animals, it will also allow our dedicated team of staff and volunteers a safe and efficient place to work.

You can help the SEAWL by becoming a friends of the league by Buying a Brick or purchasing a donation pack.

The Plan

Designed by Mount Gambier architect Mario Cassar, the estimated $1.6m facility places an emphasis of environmental sustainability, with solar panels and a rainwater tank included in the build to ensure the future efficiency of the facility.

Download the Plan