Success Stories

Pets have become an integral part of the family life and play a significant role in our emotional and physical health. If you have adopted an animal from the SEAWL, let us know how your pet has made a difference in your life by emailing Please include a picture of your furry friend.

  • Winnie owned by Philip and Anneliese Bates

    Winnie was adopted as a six-week-old kitten from the SEAWL in 2004 and quickly became a beloved member of the family. She has since grown into a affectionate, loving and gentle girl, who loves sleepin…


  • Oscar and Smokey owned by Jody Arnold

    We got Oscar a year ago from the SEAWL as a small three-month-old Dalmatian, Maltese cross puppy. He has since grown into a very handsome man, well adolescent, and enjoys a diet of everything he can g…


  • Delilah and Anushka owned by Dan and Kellie Morello

    We brought home Delilah (formally Talulah) in December 2012 and she didn’t take long to settle in and of course rule the roost! We prefer to keep her inside and only allow her to go outside when she i…


  • Violet owned by Emma Wainwright

    I was lucky to adopt Violet a Shitzu X from the SEAWL in April 2010. My beloved Border Collie Cross had just died and I had a two year old terrier, Bertie who wasn’t eating and was very distraught at …


  • Ernie owned by Lucy Ridley and Josh Praolini

    We got our beautiful baby boy Ernie (formerly Dude) at then end of 2012, and he is perfect. We met him at the Paws around the Blue Lake walk and knew he needed to join our family. He was instant best …


  • Roxy owned by Alison Shepard

    We adopted Roxy five and half years ago when she was approximately 6 months old. She was caught chasing cattle – that’s why she was with you. These days she still chases cattle and sheep, but under su…