Delilah and Anushka

Owned by Dan and Kellie Morello

We brought home Delilah (formally Talulah) in December 2012 and she didn’t take long to settle in and of course rule the roost! We prefer to keep her inside and only allow her to go outside when she is in her harness. Although she has a gorgeous little bed to sleep in, she usually prefers a simple box (as per typical feline style) or our bed. She remains very affectionate by drooling and flopping down into our laps when she wants some snuggles.

We brought home Delta (now Anushka) in February 2013 and she has been lavished with cuddles ever since! She is a really happy go lucky dog with a beautiful temperament. She just wants to be wherever we are and has made her daddy’s beanbag her own.  Delilah has taken almost a year to get used to Anushka and they are slowly sniffing and getting used to each other.