Oscar and Smokey

Owned by Jody Arnold

We got Oscar a year ago from the SEAWL as a small three-month-old Dalmatian, Maltese cross puppy. He has since grown into a very handsome man, well adolescent, and enjoys a diet of everything he can get his chompers on!
He spends most weekends at the beach chasing a floating tube tennis ball, swinging from a tree while showing his tug of war rope who’s the boss, herds the chickens to bed and is becoming a talented, courageous, obedient and accidental security dog already.
He is learning his basic commands, he loves children, has a smoochie thing for the mums and still remembers the SEAWL as being where we adopted him from. He goes everywhere with everyone in the car so has been to places like Adelaide, Victor Harbour, Kingston and Portland. Everywhere the family goes, he goes too. 
When we first got him, he came with a plastic toy crocodile. Ever since then, we have had four plastic toy crocodiles pass through, it’s his favourite all time toy – aside from the soft squeak, it is his babyhood creature comfort.
Oscar has grown into a fully grown Dalmatian size and has the Maltese face. I know at the time people weren’t sure, but he fulfilled expectations (which was that he was going to be huge because of his oversized puppy feet were bigger than the rest of his body). Together he looks like an new breed of dog. So many people stop to ask what he is so they can get one for themselves but when people find out that he is the unplanned lovechild of some lovely amorous couple, they wished that his breeder would have more accidents just like him!
Smokey (known as ‘Owl’) came home with us a week after we got Oscar and he has settled in so well. He’s having the time of his life. Smokey refuses to get into a car now so I think he associates a cat carrier and car as being taken away from home forever, so hes quite happy here. He and Oscar have a good relationship, which means Oscar has a good relationship with all cats and so it is a very happy harmonious household.